GREAT NEWS on the MI Night Watch! The Torch will be passed October 4th!

Exciting news on the MI Night Watch and the “National Prayer Night Watch Torch” (Capitol Hill Prayer Partners in DC)!  We are now 99% covered for the 168 one-hour watch times!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have already confirmed your watch times.  You are part of something monumental that God is doing through prayer!

If you have not yet committed to a watch time, this is an exciting opportunity to connect with the greater national and international Body of Christ as Michigan takes its place on the wall for our nation and the future of our families.  This is your chance to be part of the Night Watch – without a long-term commitment.

Simply form a team of 2-5 praying people to cover a 1-hour watch time from Midnight – 6AM each week from Oct 4 through Nov 4 using a telephone conference call.  That’s it!  It’s a commitment of just 4 hours to be part of a national watch that has been unbroken for over 10 years.



This national watch has included Aglow International, National Day of Prayer Task Force, End Time Hand Maidens, Ekklesia Prayer Communities, ASK Prayer Network, Watchman of the Night and many others across America. Now it’s Michigan’s turn as individuals, churches, ministries go to the “wall” and pray in the night.



If you have not signed up for a night watch please consider connecting with the greater Body of Believers as Michigan takes the national torch.  If you have been praying faithfully, please confirm your commitment with Troy at (616) 788-8098 or at the email below..


  1. Watch this short You Tube clip:    Click here for the video
  1. Contact me at  or Troy Carrigan our administrator at:
  1. We will give you instructions on what to do and how to join.


IMPORTANT: We can connect you with an existing Night Watch where you can be part!


Jesus asked, “Could you not pray for just one hour?”  We are asking the same question…



Join us on this call and be part. At 11:50PM on Sunday night October 4th will be the passing of the prayer night watch torch. We will receive it from Aglow International. You will be welcome on this call as Michigan will be praying in the night until November 4th where we will pass the torch.


Call Number 605.477.2100                   Code: 738772#


Our nation is moving through troubled waters and we sincerely believe that prayers through the night have given our nation mercy!

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