Prayer is the Foundation…….

  1. Day and Night Prayer in 83 counties in MI…the original mission! Much progress has been made in this area and on January 10, 2016 our state will continue to cohesively connect MI in day and night prayer leading up to the election. We are actively enlisting people. The “War Room” movie was a great inspiration for people to enter into their prayer closets and to pray in small groups as well. Jesus said could you not watch with me one hour and pray.
  1. Michigan/Capitol Hill Prayer Partners – DC/Moravian Night Watch: Michigan is directly connected to Washington, DC ( Sarah Ballinger) CHPP has been facilitating a national  prayer night watch (12 years) working with major ministries across America. MI took the prayer torch in October working with national prayer ministries.

Capitol Hill Prayer Partners in Washington DC has assigned Transformation Michigan to develop what is being called the “second line of defense”. On January 10, 2016 prayer teams and individuals are already volunteering for a seven week assignment focusing on the night. We are adding the hours from 6 AM to 12 midnight as well in our efforts. More on this soon as the strategy is unfolding. A state/national conference call line is being established where hours in the night and day will be covered by churches, ministries, prayer teams and individuals.

  1. MICHOP:Michigan Capitol House of Prayer is establishing weekly daily/prayer here at this seat of government? We are located across the street from the state capitol on 322 West Ottawa. Contact Gina Johnsen our site director if you would like to bring a group in: CONTACT
  2. Together RESET – 2016… A national prayer gathering will take place on the Washington DC mall on July 16, 2016.

This will be unprecedented as Christians across all streams in the body of Christ will be mobilized to pray for the nation before the next election. Transformation Michigan has been appointed to mobilize the state of MI to come to a 1 million person prayer gathering in DC.

National leaders/church organizations/ministries, are endorsing this of event such as the Billy Graham organization, TheCall Lou Engle, Southern Baptist, Luis Palau organization, Rick Joyner – Morningstar, Campus Crusade, Intervarsity, Bill Johnson, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Kansas City IHOP…numerous other ministries and churches across United States. –

  1. Decision America and Franklin Graham coming to Michigan…in October 2016, Franklin Graham will be coming to the Lansing Capitol steps.

Franklin Graham is going to every state capitol in the nation. Transformation Michigan is acting field coordinator to promote and encourage people to attend. We are hoping for thousands to come as Franklin will challenge government and the church to repentance. He will make a call for people to pray, vote Biblically, and impact their communities for Christ. The gathering will be on a Tuesday from 12-1PM.


  1. The Call Azusa – Lou Engle…is taking place on April 9thin the LA Colliseum.

It is a national prayer gathering. A number of prayer leaders in Michigan are flying out to participate. Transformation Michigan is getting the word out through our state as we have been designated as a state coordinator to promote. Many of the younger generation will be attending. There is an expectation of a great Awakening” to manifest. There are a number of prayer leaders in MI who were involved with TheCall at Ford Field on 11/11/11 to attend.

Listen to Lou Engle in a recent conference call: 11:11 Conference call


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