Understanding Radical Islam/Shariah Law

islamIs Radical Islam and Sharia Law a threat to our U.S Constitution and way of life?


Yes! We Agree America!


Islam affects the First Amendment with its rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Islam is not compatible with the US Constitution in a nation of laws.





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Is Islam a religion of peace?

The answer is categorically “no”.  The first media sound bite on this issue occurred on September 12, 2001 when then President George Bush declared that we were at war with terrorism.  At that time he also said that Islam was a religion of peace. This was the council he received from Muslim Brotherhood insiders who were part of his White House staff and advisors.

To best understand why some say Islam is a Religion of Peace we must understand the Islamic term ABROGATION.  This is where whatever Allah last said replaces what he previously said.  In other words, when their prophet Mohamed first created Islam in the 7th century, he had many verses on peace, but as he got further revelation from the dark angel that was visiting him, he began to write more violent scriptures that contained Jihad. Abrogation was the term that whatever was written before was no longer true, but rather the new truth. In other words the earlier revelations of Mohammed are negated by his later revelations.

Therefore, to say Islam is a Religion of Peace is coming from the verses in the Koran from the first 20 years of Islam and ever since then it has been a religion and government of violence with more than 270,000,000 killed by the sword of Islam.

Do Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same God?

The answer is categorically “no”.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the God of Christians.  Allah was a 7th century moon-god.  In tribal Arab lands it was common for each family to have their own gods and idols.  Mohamed’s family god was a demonic moon-god.  Again, during the same press conference, then President George Bush, in an attempt to avoid having Americans retaliating against Muslims in our nation, stated that we worshipped the same God.  This is incorrect.

While it is commonly believed that many of the Muslims in the Middle East are descendents of Ishmael, which makes him a demented of Abraham but not Isaac and Jacob.  Jesus was part of this lineage whereas Mohamed was not.  It is a matter of convenience for Islam to declare that we worship the same God, but if you were to declare that in a Mosque inside an Islamic State you would be killed.

What is Taqiyya?

Taqiyya is the Islamic term to lie to a non-Muslim.  Lying is permitted in Islam if it furthers the cause of Islam or protects another Muslim.  For a Muslim cleric to say that Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same God is Taqiyya.  There are no other world religions that promote lying but as you will see with more Islamic invasion in Europe and the West, Islam allows for men to behave badly and declare their behavior acceptable because they are doing it in the name of Allah.

What is Sharia?

Sharia is Islamic Law.  The word sharia means law.  Sharia is rules and actions to live by just as governments write rules and laws to guide their citizens into what is acceptable behavior.  You will often hear Muslim imams and clerics declare that there is only God’s law and that all man-made laws must submit.

Is Sharia Law compatible with the US Constitution?

The answer to this question is categorically “no”.  Since Sharia is believed by Muslims to be god’s law and man’s law must be removed or submitted to it, a conflict with the US Constitution arises.  A brief example to show case this difference can be found in the First Amendment, where we are given Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.  Sharia denies both.  You cannot say anything you want particularly if it contradicts Islam.  Not only do you not have freedom of religion, under Sharia, if you leave Islam the punishment is death.  You have three choices under Sharia, convert to Islam, pay a tax (Jizya) or be killed.  Not much freedom there.

Islam is not really a religion but rather a form of government.  If you study the Quran, Hadith, and Surah, it boils down to 84% government and 16% religion.  Therefore since Sharia and Islam is more like communism with a god, then it is not compatible with the US Constitution.   The concept of liberty in Islam can only be found if you convert and adhere to all its rules and laws (sharia).  In America there is a term called American Exceptionalism.   This comes not because we are better than other nations or have more wealth, but rather that we believe that God is Sovereign over Man and that Man is Sovereign over Government.  No other world government takes this position including Sharia.  They all believe that government is sovereign over man.

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