Prayer Our Only Hope


Is prayer our only hope?


Yes! We Agree America!


There is a spontaneous combustion of prayer in America. You can be part of it. Read more and sign up at:


Point to Ponder:  “We are too busy to pray, and so we are too busy to have power.  We have a great deal of activity, but we accomplish little; many services but few conversions; much machinery but few results.” – R. A. Torrey

There is a spontaneous combustion of prayer in America. Will you be part of it? Do you feel it?  Have you ever had a feeling that history is at a crossroads? We are experiencing a present day shaking in the world. There is something that is crying out in many saying what can we do?  How can we bring Godly change?  People are being stirred across America hearing these same questions. Amidst the adversity and pessimism there is a praying radical remnant that is being called. A remnant principle is at work. I am being awakened to the fact that God wants to use me.  He is calling out modern day circuit riders sounding the alarm saying all is not lost.  You are a circuit rider! We can turn America around and be a righteous nation.  This is no time to be apathetic or slumbering. A “Great Awakening” is coming!

Point to Ponder:  “When we calmly reflect upon the fact that the progress of our Lord’s Kingdom is dependent upon prayer, it is sad to think that we give so little time to the holy exercise. Everything depends upon prayer, and yet we neglect it not only to our own spiritual hurt, but also to the delay and injury of our Lord’s cause upon earth.  The forces of good and evil are contending for the world.  Had there been importunate, universal and continuous prayer by God’s people, long ere this, the earth had been possessed for Christ.” – E.M. Bounds.

A question we need to ask is what moves the hand of God? Of course we can say faith, repentance, compassion, integrity, humility, and purity. A key quality God looks for is “desire” as you read Mark 11:24. What do you want so badly that you can’t live without it?  What is that deep craving within you that develops into a passionate pursuit?  A sleeping church is awakening as the importance of prayer is coming to the forefront.  Individuals are being prompted by the Holy Spirit to pro-actively engage the culture. Vision and purpose is being released. God is handing out assignments to each of us and people are listening to that still small voice that is thundering across our land.  The pieces of a puzzle are on the table and falling into place. We are the pieces of God’s plan so allow Him to position us. Let him connect the dots and network His people. The body of Christ is coming together as one and God’s house will be a united house of prayer. The Lamb who became the Lion is on the move.


NOTE: Read more and sign up at:


Point to Ponder: “We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth.” – Andrew Murray

God bless,


Rick Warzywak –  Transformation Michigan/Hidden Ones/MI Oak Initiative






Back in April 2006 a large gathering took place in Traverse City Michigan where a prayer movement was launched with a vision to connect 83 counties in day and night prayer. We believe by the end of 2016 this mission will be accomplished. Click on this link for more information:



MICHOP (Michigan Capital House of Prayer) is a Christian governmental house of prayer, located across the street from our state Capitol building to provide a place for Christians to pray for our Michigan leaders, according to 1 Timothy 2.  By being located so close to the Capitol, we are able to engage more effectively with our state governmental workers, legislators and staff, and are able to offer Bible Studies in which downtown governmental workers can participate.  We are able to pray in MICHOP and lead prayer walks around the Capitol and all governmental buildings and downtown courts.  We hold receptions for legislators, related rallies held at the Capitol (pro life, pro family, pro marriage and religious liberty rallies, for example), National Day of Prayer, Christmas Caroling on the Capitol lawn and other events.  You can reserve MICHOP for your private prayer group, your family, your church or drop in during open house hours (Tuesdays 7am-9am, 11am-2pm and Thursdays11am-2pm).  Contact to reserve for your prayer group, or to volunteer to assist in this prayer effort in Michigan:

CONTACT INFORMATION: 517-775-1637 or  Gina Johnsen


Why is it important to pray for those in authority?

1 Timothy 2 – we are commanded to pray for those in authority over us that we may live peaceable and godly lives.  This is not optional in the Christian walk.  We are commanded to be good stewards of our communities and for all decisions made in our communities.  We share the burden of the leadership and oversight of our communities.  We are involved as Christians and are accountable to the Lord in these matters.  The first threshold for accomplishing God’s goals in our communities is to PRAY and seek His ways, His righteousness and His divine strategies.  Prayer is our time to listen to God and to agree with His ideas.  It is our time to be changed and to grow in confidence and hope for all that God wants and can accomplish in our culture and communities.  In this way, we change the course of history by declaring God’s truth and presence for elections, for the decisions our leaders make and for the welfare of our communities.

Are you working with and in contact with state legislators?

MICHOP currently has at least 25 weekly groups praying a total of over 50 hours/week for our legislators, senators, congressmen and judges.  We pray for county commissioners, township trustees, city council members, mayors and all other leaders, both elected and appointed. Our weekly prayer focus (via email, website and Facebook) gives direction for Christians across Michigan to pray in unity for specific MI leaders and relevant issues in the state.


We would like to be part…how can we help?

We are looking for Christians with all gifting areas to come and help the prayer effort in Michigan – hosts for prayer groups/open houses/events & luncheons, administration, communication, hospitality, worship leaders, teachers on “prayer”, facility operations & maintenance, website and Facebook operations and scheduling.  We need volunteers – come and pray, come and assist in continuing to affect our state government through MICHOP.  The legislators know we are there and appreciate our support!

There are seven key cultural gateways that need to be prayed into: Government, Education, Family, Church, Business, Arts/Entertainment and Media Communications. These are the mind molders of society. What area is your focus to change a nation? Click on this link:



United one accord prayer literally can change the destiny of a nation. Why not America? See what past historical prayer movements have done in the past to shift nations. Click on this link:



The mission of the National Watch of the Lord is to unite many streams of ministry into one united clarion call for revival.  It is people of all races, ages, regions and denominations putting aside their agendas and joining together to lift high the name of Jesus and honor Him as Lord. Our goal is to submit to each other as we submit to Jesus as Lord and Savior.


What is the watch of the Lord?


The National Watch of the Lord is a new prayer movement uniting many streams of ministry into one united clarion prayer call for revival in America.  It is people of all races, ages, regions and denominations joining together to lift high the name of Jesus and honor Him as Lord.  It is a prayer call for the church to awaken and engage our culture, turning it back to the godly principles that made America great.


Historically, prayer watches are nothing new when people come together in unity to pray. As we study history the impact of unified prayer targeting various issues can shift a nation and a culture: . This link will exemplify what can be accomplished when a praying remnant of people seek the Lord.


Are you working with other ministries?


Yes, we are working with churches, ministries, and national organizations. We are working with Capitol Hill Prayer Partners, TheCall – Lou Engle, Moravian Watch – Darrian Summerville, National Day of Prayer Task Force to name a few. Individual prayer groups, praying church groups, and even Christian radio show host are encouraging people to join in. We have just begun a relationship with the Franklin Graham Decision America Tour 2016. God is bringing church streams together in a convergence.


What methods are we using?


The National Watch is accomplished using telephone conferencing to pray in two hour blocks with leaders committing to pray two hours each week for 7 weeks.  We are enlisting captains and co-captains to lead these two hour prayer segments. People from across America can join the calls to stand in agreement with these leaders.  We have established free conference call numbers so people can join in an existing call from anywhere in America.


How many people are needed to establish a two-hour block of prayer time?


Every to our call must be led by a captain and a co-captain. Ideally, mobilizing 3 to 5 people to begin is a good thing. Eventually as we grow this prayer watch many more will call in to take part. Some calls may have 10 people while others may have 25 to 50. This is why strong leadership is needed to facilitate the prayer call.


Do you have a prayer guide and a protocol established?


We provide a prayer guide and have established protocols as we have sought out help from other ministries. Our prayer watch administrator will help you and provide the needed information. Even though we provide prayer guides there is also a freedom on each call to pray for issues of the day and any situations various states and our nation may be facing. We will be instant in season and out of season.


How long do I have to commit to be able to be part?


We are asking for seven-week commitments. After this time you may choose to opt out, change your time, or continue on. We realize that people schedules change and want to be sensitive to each group.


What is the importance of the prayer watch?


With each election cycle, campaign promises are made to “fix America” and “make the world a better place”.  This election is no different.  If we, as godly people, depend on a person – any person – for our hope and our future, we are sadly mistaken.  No politician or human leader can bring about the change needed to preserve a future for our children and grandchildren.  Only God can do this, and He is waiting for his people to ask!


We are obviously looking for teams to take back the night. Much evil manifests in the night. The toughest times to pray are from 12 midnight to 6 AM. But we know that there are those who are called to stand on the wall and take watch during these times. You may be one of them.


Yes, the election cycle in 2016 is important. What about all the other threats America faces? We must become a desperate people to see and realize that we are living in a nation at risk. We must do our part to shift the United States into a Proverbs 14:34 mentality.


How long will the National Watch of the Lord last?


The plan is to continue at least through the November election of 2016. We believe that the watch will continue indefinitely! When does a nation not need prayer?


Who do I contact if I am interested in becoming involved?


Contact our watch administrator at – she will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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