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Campus Reset photoThe US Supreme Court made a decision this past week that promotes the further killing of babies in the womb and lowers health standards in clinics performing abortions. The courts must be shaken loose of a death culture. America is hanging in the balance as it is under great assault as we may lose all of our freedoms as a result of the culture war we are in. 

So what can we do?



Let’s be serious, it is really the responsibility of grass root Christians to be a voice for life, marriage and Biblical issues. Pastors must speak from the pulpits about the sanctity of life in the womb and stop being politically correct. A primary focus must be to seriously engage university students with a Biblical worldview message – so who will rise up and be a voice!


As many of you know, I have open air preached on university campuses for over 20 years. As the new school year begins I will go out again with teams with a different strategy. I am developing a brochure that is an 8 panel, high-gloss, and 4 color to distribute to thousands across campuses in Michigan. I will be recruiting people to help me on each campus in our state to participate in this distribution…while I open air preach. On each visit to a campus we should be able to distribute a minimum of 2-3 thousand each day. 



Thanks to a few generous donors we have the finances to print 30,000+ brochures. I will be diligently working on the development of this brochure and its contents during the month of July. I have listed the topical content on this brochure below. The website and cover picture is shown as well in this newsletter ( – coming in late August).

Campus Brochure


  1. I have surrounded myself with a few people who can help me develop an appealing hard-hitting website utilizing various aspects of social media. A workman is worthy of their higher and I cannot ask these people to literally work for free. We are striving for excellence and quality and something will capture the minds of this younger generation. So what is the financial need to develop this website with utilization of social media properly?


We need at least $5000. Any offering large or small is tax-deductible. You can use PayPal on our website – – or send your donation to Transformation Michigan – PO Box 12 – Atlanta, Michigan – 49709. This financial need is real and I would like to meet this financial need ASAP to develop a site that will grab the attention of the younger generation! Please email me at if you need to ask any further questions.


  1. I am alsolooking for volunteers to distribute the “Campus Reset” brochures on various busy walkways on campuses while I preach at another location. If you are interested in helping me and for a campus near you please contact me, Rick at


  1. If you know of any College age students who are on fire with the Gospel, have a desire to serve in Kingdom Ministry and are strong in the social media world we would like to discuss engaging them in this outreach.



All Lives Matter; Man + Woman = Marriage; Socialism vs Freedom; Threat of Radical Islam; Authenticity of the Bible; It’s Impossible to be an Atheist; What is Love; Facing Life’s Challenges; Education and History Revision; Constitutional Good Governance/Liberty; A Biblical Worldview; Understanding the Supernatural; Engaging Politically; Border Security; and Civil Righteousness.



*I will visit every university in the state of Michigan.


*Formulate teams to pass out brochures and engage students.


*Find people who can help us in utilizing social media to spread the message.


*Use the available finances wisely to build with excellence.


*Surround myself with people who pray for the universities and this generation.


*Lean on good legal help that has been provided for me as we engage the public arena.




The Michigan Oak Initiative recently hosted Retired Lieut. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Bishop Larry Jackson and other fine speakers a few weekends ago. We held a question and answer period that will be very interesting to listen to. Many questions were asked regarding what we are facing as a nation today. This is the link where I ask you to consider sharing with others:


God bless,


Rick Warzywak – Transformation MI


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