Franklin Graham/Campus Outreach/40 Day Fast Begins Update – 9/30/16

Well this is it! On Tuesday, October 4, a historic day will manifest in our state! We have a few days to go and this is where we need to really press in and get the word out to any people in your church, friends, or using your social media sites. Email your friends and encourage people to carpool and take vans down to the gathering. All parking information is listed below in a link. You have been a great help and I always used the term “circuit riders” to carry a message out to your sphere of influence.
OTHER EVENTS ON OCTOBER 4TH – Please pass this information on to all you know!
1. Prayer/Worship and Praise in the State Capitol ROOM 426 House Side – 9 – 11AM and 1:30 – 3:30. Take elevator to 4th floor and go to ROOM 426 – Dan Goucher (Lansing
    IHOP and Nate Marielke will be leading worship. prayer and praise.
2. Day Under the Dome at the Lansing Center – 2 blocks away from Capitol steps:
    EVENT/TIME Description:

We ordered and had delivered 30,000 panel four color brochures for our university outreach in Michigan. I have visited MSU, CMU, MI Tech, NMU, Lake Superior State and Oakland University the past 3 weeks. 5000-6000 Campus Reset brochures have been distributed. Please check out our site – – as we will use this as an internet/social media outreach. The first time through our campuses in MI I am using a “stealth approach” and focusing on getting (8 panel 15 topical areas) brochures out to capture students attention. The next time around will be a combination of open air preaching AND brochure distribution. I need help in brochure distribution as I could double my output!  I will go to EMU, U of M, Wayne State, Grand Valley State, and WMU the next 3 weeks. I will cover them all eventually.


Our funds are at an all time low and depleted. I do thank the few who have given since my last appeal. I am making an appeal for a financial offering as we have built a website for campuses and redoing our “We Agree America” site. that will be done with excellence. I desire to bless our website builder as she has been faithful and put in numerous hours of her own time.

Travel and related expenses have greatly help depleted available funds. Consider making an offering to Transformation Michigan and send it to PO Box 12 – Atlanta, MI – 49709. You can also go to this link on our website and electronically make an offering – Everything is tax-deductible! Please realize we have no paid staff and a busy campus season is upon us!


Many national ministries are calling a fast for the upcoming election. Here are a few links of an appeal from a few national leaders. Choose a fast that best suits you as it can be one meal a day, a Daniel fast…etc.

Dick Eastman –

God bless,

Rick Warzywak – Transformation M
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