Transformation Michigan Needs Your Help

In April of 2006, Transformation MI was birthed with the expressed goal of connecting 83 counties in “Day and Night 24/7 Prayer” and now 10 years later our original vision is coming into fruition.

All the pieces are on the table but without your financial support we struggle to make it happen.

Through the utilization of social media, technology, administrative assistance, personal contact, travel, and hosting specialized conference gatherings the Gospel is going forth however Finances are needed to connect the dots.


Transformation Michigan Timeline

2006 – 2010:  Connecting with prayer ministries/intercessors in MI
2011: Trans MI was made state coordinator for TheCall (Lou Engle) at Ford Field on 11/11/11. Many new connections materialied.
2012/13: Trans MI begin to connect with National Prayer ministries/National Leaders
2014: St. Louis Gathering with Lou Engle and other prayer leaders – Moravian Night Watch birthed.
2015: Trans MI directly connected with Capitol Hill Prayer Partners in Washington, DC to join and work with national prayer ministries in a “Night Watch”. We have led a night watch (12 Midnight to 6AM) taking the month of October in 2015/16.

2016: Franklin Graham/Decision America Tour selected Trans MI as a State Field Captain. Many new Evangelical connections made from across Michigan.
2016+: On October 4th Franklin Graham came to MI to speak from our capitol steps. Over 8000 people attended. At midnight Trans MI organized 21 prayer watch leaders who took 2 hour shifts from 12 Midnight to 6AM with teams of 2-8 intercessors. We held the watch until November 9th one day after the election. The focus was the election!
2016+: We directly partnered with Capitol Hill Prayer partners in Washington DC. We formed a specialized 911 prayer alert strategy using technology. We formed 2 nation wide prayer calls connecting states and ministries across America – one for the recount and the other for the electoral college.
* Key Intercessors will be identified in each county in MI to be connected and networked.
*Develop prayer teams in MI taking 1 hour day and night prayer watches using conference call technology and other forms of social media.
*Continue to co-labor with the Michigan Capitol House of Prayer in Lansing. The state governmental mountain must be addressed regarding a Biblical worldview.
*Connect National Prayer Ministries in crisis 911 intercession. We are working with Sara Ballinger of Capitol Hill    Prayer Partners.
*We see the importance of praying on site at every state capitol in the United States. Our goal will be to connect every state capitol with DC praying on site using conference call technology.
*The plan and process is developing as this newsletter is being prepared. Transformation MI was asked to take the  lead and develop the strategy.
*Prayer and action conferences will be organized and promoted.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a powerful praying radical remnant “War Room Hub” – that will face many serious challenges our nation will face in 2017. The technology and plan is there where we will work together in a Psalm 133 unity.

Help us change the tide and support Transformation Michigan in 2017

A ONE TIME gift is always much appreciated and extremely helpful. We are asking for churches and individuals to consider MONTHLY support through 2017 as well. Our expenses involve travel, car upkeep, social media and administrative website development; etc. This is a critical turning point year!

You can send an offering to Transformation Michigan – PO Box 12 – Atlanta, MI – 49709 or a tax deductible donation can be given through Pay pal at:

NOTE: Thank you to those of you who have consistently supported our efforts!

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Michigan can be a model to the nation.  Small is the next big! You are that praying remnant…and the future of our children is at stake.

“A call to churches, ministries, houses of prayer, individuals – Join the Watch of the Lord –

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