Conference Call Updates for April 2017

This will be a key conference call below with Dean Briggs for Mobilization of TheCall (Lou Engle) Cleveland which will take place on July 21-22 – Arena wide prayer gathering. Amazing prophetic story line.


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ANNOUNCEMENTConference call on Monday April 24, 8PM EST with David Bradshaw Leader of “Awaken the Dawn” in Washington DC!

There will be 50 tents set up representing each state with 24/7 prayer/worship going on the capitol grounds. Lou Engle is also calling a million women to the DC Mall that weekend.

Join Michigan Prayer Leaders and Intercessors on this important call

Monday March 24th 2017

CALL NUMBER 712.432.3100

CODE: 940350 – Mark your Calendar!


More information can be found at this link



Last week’s call is a must hear. Log on to RECORDING.FREECONFERENCECALLING.COM

And look for this call id.    IA9688 04182017160315044 1050219 (It takes a few minutes for it to load!!!)  Update and Announcement

I just spoke in 2 classes (92 students – CMU) and before each class we took a poll. The results were alarming. Click Here to view the results of that poll. Very alarming indeed!!!

God bless,  Rick Warzywak

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