Shifting a Nation in MI – Awaken the Dawn DC/Overturning Roe v Wade

I want to personally invite you to a gathering in the Lansing area this coming Friday, June 30. We will be hosting 2 national leaders from Awaken the Dawn regarding a historic gathering on the DC mall in October. Nothing like this has ever manifested in the middle of the chaotic wilderness swamp of Washington DC. We have been given an opportunity to shift a nation into a God alignment.


IMPORTANT: A petition has now began to be circulated to overturn Roe v Wade – SEE BELOW!!!




5-6:30: there will be a MEET AND GREET with David Bradshaw and Pia Jo Reynolds. This will be a time of fellowship with members in the Body of Christ.


7 PM – Praise/Worship and Q/A regarding Awaken the Dawn –


LOCATION: Vineyard Christian Fellowship – 3448 Hagadorn Rd – Okemos, MI



Create a picture in your mind with the nation’s Capital Building and the Monument… with a Cross in the center. There will be 50 tents set up each representing one state surrounding the Cross where two solid days of 24/7 prayer and worship going on beginning October 6th at 9 PM. On October 9 hundreds of thousands will gather calling people to pray for the nation on the Mall in DC led by Lou Engle (TheCall) along with a multitude of ministries across the nation to shift America into righteousness. The gathering is called…“RISE UP”!


Never before has a prayer processional from October 6-9th gathered in Washington DC such as this. This is a literal mission trip to our nation’s capital to contend for a future for our children and grandchildren. Is this a sacrifice? YES! Is it a necessity? YES…again!



Consider attending this regional gathering this coming Friday on June 30. You may think at this time I cannot do this in October. The Holy Spirit is moving on intercessors, watchmen, singers, musicians, and those who desire to see a Great Awakening in America. It is time to stand in the gap for the United States of America. We will answer all questions this coming Friday so consider being part…and enjoy the presence of God.


NOTE: Transformation Michigan has been appointed to organize and fill 24 two slots in the Michigan Tent on the DC Mall starting 9PMOctober 6 and Ending at 9PM on October 8th. Many prayer and worship teams re stepping out and volunteering for spots!



The Petition to end abortion begins – go sign and share on social media. The crown is coming down, it’s time for the Governmental Body of Messiah to bring the King’s Justice to the Children in the Womb! Roe V Wade will be overturned and the shedding of innocent blood will cease in America – a well thought out plan and strategy in now in effect:



God bless,


Rick Warzywak

Transformation Michigan

MI State Tent Prayer Coordinator (Awaken the Dawn – DC)


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