Shifting a Nation in MI – Awaken the Dawn DC/Overturning Roe v Wade

I want to personally invite you to a gathering in the Lansing area this coming Friday, June 30. We will be hosting 2 national leaders from Awaken the Dawn regarding a historic gathering on the DC mall in October. Nothing like this has ever manifested in the middle of the chaotic wilderness swamp of Washington DC. We have […]

Oak Initiative Engaging Cultures Conference

The MI Oak Initiative is hosting an “Action” gathering with 5 Michigan prominent voices. We must learn how to directly engage the culture. MARK YOUR CALENDAR – MAY 5-6! Lets take back our communities with action strategies. “Ninety percent of Christians are not pro-active because they do not know what to say about the top […]

Join our National Bible Read-a Thon

JOIN OUR NATIONAL BIBLE READ-A-THON! Reading the Word of God every night, all year long . . . Come join a dedicated army of intercessors who are giving their time every night to proclaim and decree the WORD OF GOD over the nation, seven nights each week! We are reading out loud the Word of […]

Conference Call Updates for April 2017

This will be a key conference call below with Dean Briggs for Mobilization of TheCall (Lou Engle) Cleveland which will take place on July 21-22 – Arena wide prayer gathering. Amazing prophetic story line.   GO MICHIGAN – Share and get involved! SEE BELOW!   ANNOUNCEMENT: Conference call on Monday April 24, 8PM EST with David Bradshaw Leader of “Awaken the Dawn” in Washington DC! There will […]

Mi Oak Initiative Upcoming Conference

There is a Michigan Oak Initiative Upcoming Conference On May 5-6 and we are securing a location in Lansing which will be announced by April 4th. We WILL challenge the church to engage this culture in this great time of divisiveness. See the images below for more information. Check back for venue!       […]

Franklin Graham/Campus Outreach/40 Day Fast Begins Update – 9/30/16

FRANKLIN GRAHAM AT STATE CAPITOL – TUESDAY OCTOBER 4 Well this is it! On Tuesday, October 4, a historic day will manifest in our state! We have a few days to go and this is where we need to really press in and get the word out to any people in your church, friends, or […]

Franklin Graham/Lou Engle in MI – MI University Updates

Review the updates below and evaluate what Transformation Michigan is presently engaged in. We will all stand before the Lord and give an account for what we have done with our time, talents, and resources. My personal prayer is that I can run the race until the end where the Lord will say…”Well done my […]

America hanging in the Balance Conference Update!

A great weekend approaching for “America Hanging in the Balance – Election 2016” with Ret. Lt General Boykin and Bishop Larry Jackson (Other Guest Speakers – see schedule link). I have enclosed the updated weekend schedule and helpful driving instructions below depending which direction you are coming from. We are in for a very informative weekend that […]

Lou Engle Conference – July 26th and 27th 2016

    “The Righteous Cry Out , And The Lord Hears” (Psalm 34:17). (Lou Engle, Dean Briggs, and Darrian Summerville of TheCall)   MARK YOUR CALENDAR – August 26-27 Rochester and Detroit See Location/schedule Below Come and join this great gathering as The Holy Spirit aligns our hearts in a time of Intercession, supplication, and […]

March 15th 2016MI Updates – Prayer and Action – Upcoming Events

We have entered in the most volatile season that our nation may have ever faced. We have the plan – “Prayer and Action”. The question is will we take time to engage the culture we live in. America is at a decision making time as the election approaches in 2016. Join us in the various […]

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