Who will rise up – Psalm 94:16…taking back our State and Nation!

Transformation MI has a viable grass root ground game that is being initiated to be part in stopping our nations march towards self destruction. We are in a time of great challenges as we see increasing unrest in our cities and universities across America. We see the threat of Islamic terrorism upon our shores. The battle […]


THE DOUBLE EDGED SWORD – PRAYER AND ACTION Prayer is the Foundation……. Day and Night Prayer in 83 counties in MI…the original mission! Much progress has been made in this area and on January 10, 2016 our state will continue to cohesively connect MI in day and night prayer leading up to the election. We are actively […]

Oak Initiative Meeting Nov 21st 2015 – See you there

OAK INITIATIVE GATHERING – NOVEMBER 21ST – 10AM – 3PM   Action steps must be provided to engage our culture so people can vote Biblically in the next election. General Boykin and Rick Joyner’s are founders of the Oak initiative – theoakinitiative.org. We will literally release a ground game (action plan) that can be implemented across our state. We […]

GREAT NEWS on the MI Night Watch! The Torch will be passed October 4th!

Exciting news on the MI Night Watch and the “National Prayer Night Watch Torch” (Capitol Hill Prayer Partners in DC)!  We are now 99% covered for the 168 one-hour watch times!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have already confirmed your watch times.  You are part of something monumental that God is doing […]

Rosh Hashana 9/13 gathering – You are invited – Bishop Larry Jackson/Trans MI

The last Transformation MI leaders gathering we hosted in July was attended by over 120 pastors and leaders. Much was accomplished with releasing strategies regarding prayer and action – the double edged sword. There is so much power in relational fellowship. We will accomplish much and make great strides the remainder of this year throughout 2016. […]

Double Edged Sword: MI Prayer and Action – Supreme Court Marriage Ruling

  There is much breaking forth in the news as we all know. Yes, it is summer and people are taking vacations. But the battle for the soul of our nation is raging. Michigan will continue to advance the kingdom of God. Transformation Michigan and the Oak initiative have scheduled some meetings below to help […]

Event – GOD AND GOVERNMENT: “The Supreme Court and Marriage”

Churches, ministries, and Christian conservatives are presently coming together where we have launched a series of meetings across the state of Michigan. One of the aspects of our double edged sword plan is action. A series of seminars have been arranged across the state of Michigan with many more to come. There are many ramifications the body […]

Important Newsletter April 25th, 2015

These coming weeks will be a turning point for the church in America beginning next Tuesday April 28th. Religious freedom, the first amendment; and free speech are at stake. What can you do? Apply the “Double Edged Sword”: Prayer and Action Steps.   The case will be heard on Tuesday April 28th and the decision handed down in early […]

Newsletter April 15th 2015

This conference gathering this weekend will be pivotal as we continue to define the release of the “double edged sword” in the state of Michigan. One edge of that sword is prayer and the other edge are action steps we can take. You will walk out in this gathering with materials that will enable you […]


THE MICHIGAN OAK INITIATIVE (A Double Edged Sword) – theoakinitiative.org A double-edged sword is being applied in Michigan which includes prayer and faith action solution steps to shape our culture. The Oak Initiative was birthed a few years ago and a fresh wind has now come for Oak Initiative freedom chapters to form around Michigan. National […]

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