Information and Update on Prayer Initiative Plan

Transformation MI is diligently moving forward regarding the double edged sword of – “Prayer and Action”. Look at the links provided as we are inviting you to be part. This newsletter is focusing on the prayer aspects we are moving in God bless, Rick Warzywak – Transformation MI/MI Awaken the Dawn Prayer Coordinator     PRAYER […]

Conference Call Updates for April 2017

This will be a key conference call below with Dean Briggs for Mobilization of TheCall (Lou Engle) Cleveland which will take place on July 21-22 – Arena wide prayer gathering. Amazing prophetic story line.   GO MICHIGAN – Share and get involved! SEE BELOW!   ANNOUNCEMENT: Conference call on Monday April 24, 8PM EST with David Bradshaw Leader of “Awaken the Dawn” in Washington DC! There will […]

Important Newsletter April 25th, 2015

These coming weeks will be a turning point for the church in America beginning next Tuesday April 28th. Religious freedom, the first amendment; and free speech are at stake. What can you do? Apply the “Double Edged Sword”: Prayer and Action Steps.   The case will be heard on Tuesday April 28th and the decision handed down in early […]

Newsletter for Feb. 13th, 2015

The vision to connect 83 counties in Michigan will manifest as a “whirlwind” in 2015. I am traveling the state as a Circuit Rider and releasing the strategy that has gained much acceptance, as well as participation. We are enlisting “Special Ops Intercessors” in all of 83 counties in MI. The “American Prayer Spiritual Snipers” are coming forth. This is a must read email!!

Michigan House of Prayer Assemblies

What if house of prayer leaders in Michigan relationally connected? Could we work together as one maintaining our individual God given identity? I say yes to Michigan. We will be a model to the nation!   We are beginning to gather House of Prayer leaders in Michigan.  If any of you are interested in being […]

Tenacious 10K Prayer Network

Calling 10,000 intercessors from the state of Michigan! In the history of our great state, there have been many who have laid down their lives in prayer for God’s purposes. This obedience has paved the way for the call that is now being sent out to Michigan, along with all 50 states. In December of […]

Herrnhut Prayer

There have been times in history which have released the favor of God. Herrnhutt was one such place. A prophetic word was spoken and was birthed out of hardship and persecution. Read this account and story below and may hope rise up out of the desperate circumstance you may be facing.

House of Prayer

House of Prayer Movement…will be encouraged across Michigan. Training and equipping will take place. Contending houses of prayer that will topple philosophies, false religions, and traditions of men will rise throughout 83 counties in MI. Singers, musicians, watchman, intercessors will come together as one and declare what is the manifold destiny of our state. Houses […]

Breastplate Prayer

Transformation Michigan will be partnering and running with Bishop Larry Jackson – – to build a prayer movement where every unsaved individual in Michigan will be prayed for by a member in the body of Christ. We see this Breastplate prayer initiative will go across the nation as well travel internationally. Read more on this exciting prayer initiative.

Otsego County House of Prayer

Contact name is James Plachta email is and contact phone is 989.858.1795 Meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 6PM email or call for more information This meeting is open to the public

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