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Campus College Update and Needs

The US Supreme Court made a decision this past week that promotes the further killing of babies in the womb and lowers health standards in clinics performing abortions. The courts must be shaken loose of a death culture. America is hanging in the balance as it is under great assault as we may lose all of […]

James Goll Video

We invite you to watch this video from James Goll. He expresses the importance of prayer in this hour and endorses HiddenOnesMi prayer movement currently underway.

Conference Call Monday Night April 30th – 8 PM EST With Will Ford III

Will was running with Lou Engle and is known for the “Kettle Tour” with Dutch Sheets.  Will is going to discuss from an African American viewpoint the roots of the violence and murder that is brewing in many cities.  He will discuss abortion and the Trayvon Martin situation.  You won’t want to miss this. Hear the truth without media […]

Conference Call with DR. ALVEDA KING ON MONDAY APRIL 23rd 2012

Life in the Womb: “The Michigan Billboard Initiative” [audio:|titles=DR. ALVEDA KING] Click here to listen

Conference Call with Rick Pino April 16th

Conference Call with Rick Pino – Let your praise arise and listen to this encouraging message on how God is moving through worship. [audio:|titles=Rick Pino 2nd conf call] click here to listen to Rick Pino

Conference Call April 9th with Gordon Pennington

April 9th – Gordon Pennington – “How to grow a movement” Gordon is a hidden gem in the marketing world. He is moving in Hollywood ranks and touching lives from coast to coast. He will give strategies not only to engage the culture but grow any church, ministry, or movement. [audio:|titles=Gordon Pennington] Click here to […]

Conference Call with Ray Hughes

Ray Hughes will be coming on May 4-5 with Rick Pino at Oakland Christian church.  On this conference call we will discussed importance of gathering singers, musicians, intercessors, watchman and those who believe in prayer to gather for Michigan.  A new sound and song is being released. [audio:|titles=Ray Hughes] Click here to listen to the […]

Conference Call with Rick Joyner

On Wednesday night March 28th at 8PM we had a conference call with Rick Joyner from Morning Star Ministries and Oak Initiative.  He discussed pro-active steps to win back our culture.  As you know we need to impact our state and nation with a Biblical worldview.  click below to listen to this call [audio:|titles=Rick Joyner]  Click […]

Conference Call Wes Martin from One Thing

MONDAY NIGHT 3/19 CONFERENCE CALL WITH WES MARTIN OF “ONE THING” – KC IHOP – 8PM EST Wes Martin and “One Thing” is coming to the Detroit World Outreach Center on April 14-15th.   On the conference call we talked with Wes on how he feels prayer and worship will save our nation. [audio:|titles=Wes Martin]  click here […]

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