2017 Year End Newsletter from Rick

The Transformation MI team wants to wish your family Merry Christmas!!! May your family be blessed! I want this to be more than a general Christmas greeting but give some updates as well.   TENT AMERICA 2018: Our permit has been approved for the state capitol lawn in Lansing for September 27-29th. There will be 3 continuous days […]

Latest from Transformation Michigan

We are moving aggressively forth in our “Double Edged Sword” – prayer and action strategy. I am always thankful for your continued support. We are pushing ahead in the prayer movement; Campus Reset outreach – educational mountain; and impacting the governmental cultural gateway as well.   Thank you for co-laboring with us during these important times. With your investment in this ministry, […]

Information and Update on Prayer Initiative Plan

Transformation MI is diligently moving forward regarding the double edged sword of – “Prayer and Action”. Look at the links provided as we are inviting you to be part. This newsletter is focusing on the prayer aspects we are moving in God bless, Rick Warzywak – Transformation MI/MI Awaken the Dawn Prayer Coordinator     PRAYER […]

Shifting a Nation in MI – Awaken the Dawn DC/Overturning Roe v Wade

I want to personally invite you to a gathering in the Lansing area this coming Friday, June 30. We will be hosting 2 national leaders from Awaken the Dawn regarding a historic gathering on the DC mall in October. Nothing like this has ever manifested in the middle of the chaotic wilderness swamp of Washington DC. We have […]

Campus Reset College Ministry

Transformation Michigan has always promoted the concept of a double-edged sword – prayer and action. Prayer is the key component which must be followed by action steps. We are engaged in a culture war and God is raising up a remnant of people who desire to preserve a future for our children and grandchildren. Campus […]

Reaching the Un-reachable..and They Are NOT Where You Think

We must reach our Millennial’s and university students! Transformation MI had indicated we will be releasing an action plan to engage this mindset of our young people with truth discussing hot topic issues of the day. We have lined up a number of credible speakers who are running with us!

Campus Reset Brochure

Oak Initiative Engaging Cultures Conference

The MI Oak Initiative is hosting an “Action” gathering with 5 Michigan prominent voices. We must learn how to directly engage the culture. MARK YOUR CALENDAR – MAY 5-6! Lets take back our communities with action strategies. “Ninety percent of Christians are not pro-active because they do not know what to say about the top […]

Join our National Bible Read-a Thon

JOIN OUR NATIONAL BIBLE READ-A-THON! Reading the Word of God every night, all year long . . . Come join a dedicated army of intercessors who are giving their time every night to proclaim and decree the WORD OF GOD over the nation, seven nights each week! We are reading out loud the Word of […]

Newsletter from Rick for 4/22/2017

The Millennial’s again will be our focus. I recently spoke in 2 media law classes this past week at Central MI University. Study the poll taken for 92 students. (Link Here)  I assure you these numbers are highly indicative of our young people on campuses in MI. I can say this after many years of […]

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