Newsletter from Rick for 4/22/2017

The Millennial’s again will be our focus. I recently spoke in 2 media law classes this past week at Central MI University. Study the poll taken for 92 students. (Link Here)  I assure you these numbers are highly indicative of our young people on campuses in MI. I can say this after many years of […]

Campus Poll Reveals Astounding Results

The following poll was taking on Campus and the results are heartbreaking to Our Father. Please prayerfully consider supporting’s mission on the college campuses of our state. The fields are white on to harvest and we are positioned to gather them in. To financially support this mission go to our Donate page for instructions.  […]

The Battle for College Campus’s is in Full Swing-March 27th 2017

Transformation Michigan is reaching out STRONG on College Campus’s all over Michigan with our newly launched website and onsite preaching of the Gospel However, without your help, continuing will be a difficult task.                         An ELECTRONIC POLL was taken in a Media Law […]

The Fight has just Begun – 2017

We are in the year of the clashing of the swords – Hebrew Year 5777. The number 17 in scripture symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.” It is the time for the breakthrough to victory.   “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent […]

Looking Ahead

  We have an opportunity to make this a “Happy New Year” if we all take our place and be faithful in the God given assignments we each have. Transformation Michigan will wield a “Double Edged Sword” in 2017 – (SEE LINKS BELOW).   This is the Hebrew Year of 5777 – year of the […]

Transformation Michigan Needs Your Help

In April of 2006, Transformation MI was birthed with the expressed goal of connecting 83 counties in “Day and Night 24/7 Prayer” and now 10 years later our original vision is coming into fruition. All the pieces are on the table but without your financial support we struggle to make it happen. Through the utilization of social media, technology, administrative assistance, personal contact, travel, […]

Newsletter – A Call to Prayer and Action – A Window of Opportunity!

We have much to be thankful for and we hope you have a blessed family time this Thanksgiving season. Transformation Michigan is progressively moving forward in prayer and action plans. We had been blessed with many outreach opportunities this year. Connections are increasing as our nation is facing many challenges. I believe this past election […]

Franklin Graham/Campus Outreach/40 Day Fast Begins Update – 9/30/16

FRANKLIN GRAHAM AT STATE CAPITOL – TUESDAY OCTOBER 4 Well this is it! On Tuesday, October 4, a historic day will manifest in our state! We have a few days to go and this is where we need to really press in and get the word out to any people in your church, friends, or […]

Franklin Graham/Lou Engle in MI – MI University Updates

Review the updates below and evaluate what Transformation Michigan is presently engaged in. We will all stand before the Lord and give an account for what we have done with our time, talents, and resources. My personal prayer is that I can run the race until the end where the Lord will say…”Well done my […]

Campus College Update and Needs

The US Supreme Court made a decision this past week that promotes the further killing of babies in the womb and lowers health standards in clinics performing abortions. The courts must be shaken loose of a death culture. America is hanging in the balance as it is under great assault as we may lose all of […]

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