Youth Are God’s Plan for the Future

I just read a recent article on Drudge Report how many college age students are doubting the existence of God and leaving the church. This mentality comes from peer pressure, liberal professors, and skewed anti-God education. As many of you know I have been, ministering on universities for over 20 years open air preaching. The […]

Q&A session Rick Warzywak and Gen. Boykin March 2016

Episode Title: General Boykin Answers Air Date: 3.03.16 Synopsis: Rick asks Lt. General (Ret) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin important questions regarding the times in which we live including “What is socialism?”, and “What are some crucial issues for choosing our next president?”     Episode Title: General Boykin Answers – Pt2 Air Date: 3.07.16 Synopsis: Rick […]

March 15th 2016MI Updates – Prayer and Action – Upcoming Events

We have entered in the most volatile season that our nation may have ever faced. We have the plan – “Prayer and Action”. The question is will we take time to engage the culture we live in. America is at a decision making time as the election approaches in 2016. Join us in the various […]

Double Edge Sword – “Prayer/Action” – Saving America!

We are off to a good start this New Year 2016. I wanted to give you an update of our progress with continued developing needs to complete the mission. We will transform Michigan, our universities, and help impact our nation in this next election.   Sincerely,   Rick Warzywak     POINT TO PONDER: A new survey […]

Vote Biblically

Can people who vote Biblically change the direction of a nation?    Yes! We Agree America!   When one votes Biblically they are allowing God to orchestrate their life. We must believe that God’s Word is true and provides the principles by which to select, endorse and vote for the right candidate. Putting “God first” […]

Prayer Our Only Hope

Is prayer our only hope?   Yes! We Agree America!   There is a spontaneous combustion of prayer in America. You can be part of it. Read more and sign up at:   Point to Ponder:  “We are too busy to pray, and so we are too busy to have power.  We have a […]

Understanding Radical Islam/Shariah Law

Is Radical Islam and Sharia Law a threat to our U.S Constitution and way of life?   Yes! We Agree America!   Islam affects the First Amendment with its rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Islam is not compatible with the US Constitution in a nation of laws.   CONTENTS ON THIS […]

Support Israel

  CONTENTS ON THIS PAGE:   Frequently Asked Questions Did you pass the Israel Test? The Most Moral Army! Hatred Toward Israel Eight Reasons to Support Israel Frequently Asked Questions   Should America Support Israel?   EIGHT REASONS TO SUPPORT ISRAEL What is the validation to support Israel? We must believe in God obviously and […]

Borders/Rule of Law and Law Enforcement

Should our borders be secured, law enforcement be honored, and rule-of-law upheld?   Yes! We Agree America!   Law enforcement faces many challenges. Our borders are open allowing drugs, gang Cartels and terrorists into our nation’s cities!   Many do not realize what our law enforcement officers face each day. There has never been an increased […]

Marriage = Man + Woman

                          Ten years ago who would have ever thought we would be having this discussion today. Traditional marriage is a foundation of the family structure in America. Whenever you tamper with foundations there will be consequences. Much of the debate on this issue […]

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