DONATE – Transformation Michigan and the MI Oak Initiative – “The Double Edged Sword”

Dear Co-laborers in Christ,

Releasing finances into the vision to Transform Michigan and be part in re-shaping America is essential. We all desire to provide a future for our children and grandchildren. We are applying a “Double Edge Sword” of prayer and faith action solutions.


1.  Building a 24/7/365 prayer movement in Michigan and MI Night Watch.

2.  Billboard Initiatives leading to the 2016 Election that will highlight our moral Biblical worldview paradigms. We must impact the coming election.

3.  God and Government Speaker Series …featuring national and state speakers traveling regionally to impact our culture.

4.  Reproduction of “Solutions for Hope and Change” Booklet – reprint 10,000 Fall of 2015.

5.  Preparing the church to be a place of refuge for families and neighbors. How to physically prepare!

6.  Vote Biblically Initiative

7.  Defending Traditional Marriage – the how to guide!

8.  Preparation for upcoming legal defense teams for pastors, ministries, and Christian Businesses.

9.  Michigan capitol House of Prayer in Lansing, MI (MICHOP)

10. Traveling expense; website and technological updates/upkeep; office expenditures.

All donations are directed to the General fund unless you designate where you specifically want your donation to go. You may donate by Credit Card Below or send a check to Transformation Michigan at their address below. It is our goal to honor your request.

NOTE:  We are currently set up as a 501[c]3 tax deductible ministry. All offerings or donations will be given a tax credit at the end of the year. Any donation over $250 over the course of a year will be mailed an individual tax receipt.

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