Plans for the Coming Year and Beyond


Michigan will lead the way as we have a “ground game” where the grassroots will be impacted to change the culture.  You are a part that makes up the whole. The destiny of any community, state or nation is not a matter of chance but choice. With the present state of the economy; the challenges our state and nation are facing; the dramatic shift away from a Biblical worldview; steady moral decline; advance of socialism, and the threat of Islam – many paradigm shifts must take place. It begins with the grassroots – individuals like you and I to bring hope and change to transform government, culture, families and the socioeconomic realms in society. We must be challenged with this question…Who will rise up?

POINT TO PONDER:  “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” – General George Patton

  1. We are connecting leaders in 83 counties in Michigan in the most effective and cohesive day and night prayer movement in the history of our state — each church is able to maintain its identity and allow Christ to be the head.  Jesus said my house shall be called a “house of prayer” in Matthew 21:13. We have studied the great awakenings of the past and discovered common denominator’s which have brought divine intervention into human affairs. We are communicating these principles to build the praying church in Michigan.
  1. The prayer initiatives have opened the doors to connect with other states in our nation in a unified prayer movement.  Various states such as Virginia are coming aboard and then other states have indicated a willingness to join as well. We desire to create a tipping point where a prayer watch established where states will cooperate in a John 17 unity.

NOTE: We have connected with Washington, DC through Capitol Hill Prayer Partners. They have been leading a prayer night watch for 10 years. Transformation Michigan will be taking the month of October and covering the night in prayer for 1 month.

  1. Praying for the unsaved is a profoundly compassionate Christian responsibility. We are activating churches throughout Michigan and encouraging pastors, ministry leaders, and individuals to make this a priority through an initiative we have launched with Bishop Larry Jackson a former national Promise Keepers speaker called breastplate prayer. Simply, the New Testament states we are priests and Kings and can go to God in behalf of people who are lost. We’re encouraging individuals to pray using a bookmark we have produced to pray for 3 unsaved family members; 3 unsaved friends; 3 unsaved coworkers/neighbors; and finally 3 three people you would never meet such as a political figure or entertainer. What would it be like if the church in Michigan grasped the importance of praying for the lost?

NOTE: We’ve also launched the Prayer Gay Initiative praying for individuals throughout the LGBT movement in our nation. We have created a prayer bookmark asking individuals in the body of Christ to identify 10 homosexuals and pray for their souls on a daily basis. May the Lord God Bless Those in the Gay community with salvation and truth.

  1. MICHIGAN CAPITOL HOUSE OF PRAYER: Praying for those in authority, according to 1 Timothy 2:1-4, is critical if we are to properly engage state government and the challenges it faces. We have leased a dedicated meeting facility across the street from our State Capitol Building called the Michigan Capitol House of Prayer (MICHOP)

Among the entire 50 states of the United States of America, there is no other dedicated adjacent meeting facility that exists literally across the street from any state capitol. We have been here 3 years and are about to renew the lease for another year. From this place we have helped birth and draft legislation to stop Sharia Law in Michigan from being instituted and we are deeply engaged in this effort as I write to you.

IMPORTANT:  This facility will also be a beachhead through 2016 in the coming fight to preserve traditional marriage and to protect our religious freedom of speech. We are joining forces and working with other state leaders in facing these challenges. Fighting for the life of the unborn in the womb also must never be forgotten as that battle continues as well.  These are issues that are often being stymied by anti-religious bigotry in the media today as you know only too well.

  1. We have completed a publication to activate grassroots leaders to engage the communities they live in for redemptive transformation…”Solutions for Hope and Change”. We have printed and distributed 15,000 practical solutions booklets that describes pro-active steps to engage the seven key cultural gateways in society. The seven areas that need to be engaged are family, church, government, business, education, media/communications and the arts/entertainment realms. National and state leaders have contributed chapters including General Boykin, Brad Snavely of Michigan Family Forum, James Muffet of CTV, Randy Hekman of One Cry, and Professor William Wagner of Salt and Light Global. This booklet also provides insightful information on protecting and preserving the U.S. Constitution, America’s Christian history, prayer and the great awakenings, challenges that Islam brings to our nation, and do’s and don’ts for pastors so they can be encouraged to speak up clearly and confidently and legally in accord with Freedom of Speech and fidelity to God’s Word.

NOTE: We will be doing a reprint the summer of 2015 which will include three additional chapters. One chapter will be on defending traditional marriage; another will be on what it means to both biblically and finally one on defining how the church is to be a house of refuge.

  1. We will continue to host a state speaker series taking national and state leaders across Michigan to inform, train, and equip Christians to rise up and face the challenges we are encountering.  Our universities have been and must continue to be a key target or our educational efforts in bringing in speakers and initiatives to turn this generation.
  1. Monthly Solemn Assemblies… in regions across Michigan will take place on a quarterly basis.  Transformation Michigan will be part of or facilitating prayer, praise and worship gatherings around Michigan with guest speakers to continue to encourage and build the prayer movement in our state.
  1. Oak Initiative…and Transformation Michigan will partner in a greater way as we tackle the threat of loss of our U.S. Constitution, erasing our founding history of America, Islam, the economy, and issues of the day.  We hope to rally the grassroots to take positive action in defending freedoms of America.  Click here to learn more about the Oak Initiative

VIEW THESE VIDEO LINKS: “Oak Initiative – The Double Edged Sword”

  1. Oak Initiative Enlistment –
  2. Oak Initiative Prayer Enlistment –
  3. Dearborn House of Prayer…will continue to grow as Transformation Michigan will encourage participation to pray that the love of Christ will impact the Muslim communities in Michigan. This ministry continues to impact the Muslim community in Dearborn.
  4. Establishing Truth on our Universities…Transformation Michigan will continue as we work with Dr. Frank Turek – – in establishing the truth of Gods Word and the existence of God.   Cross Examined Ministries has discovered that Christian young people are leaving the church at an alarming rate mainly because they are not equipped to examine the skepticism and atheism they encounter after leaving home, often coming from their college professors. We will continue to reach out to university students in Michigan through  open air evangelism and continuing to upgrade our Transformation Michigan university site.
  5. This year we will make a great effort in establishing a Blog radio program where issues will be discussed along with solutions to be given out.
  6. We will continue to upgrade our social media sites such as Facebook. 

Get the Word out and share this information!  Your prayers and financial support is greatly needed and appreciated.  Every gift helps!

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