Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Transformation”?

To be changed in form; an act or operation of changing the form or external appearance; the change of a soul into divine substance; the change of heart in man on an individual basis; can be applied in scope to a larger region, locality, state and nation.  Transformation impacts societies as a whole because of Divine intervention.

What is Transformation Michigan?

It is a statewide prayer movement that will energize, network and connect 83 counties in the state of Michigan as it moves from region to region.  This will nurture the formation of 24 hour a day 7 day a week prayer, praise and worship.  Day and night prayer will arise in our state 365 days a year [See 24/7 Below] in 1 and 2 hour time segments connecting the greater body of Christ.

Who is able to participate and connect to this prayer network?

Every church stream or denomination is able to participate.  Non-denominational churches as well as home churches, state prayer and focus groups, and legislators in state government will be able to be a part.  The universities in our state as well as high schools and middle schools within their campus and youth groups will be able to connect.  Even state prisons can be connected and networked into this prayer movement because there are Christians who dwell within those institutions.  It will cross all the racial divides, genders, and bridge the generations.

Is Transformation Michigan another organization?

The answer is yes and no.  An organization is defined as:  the act of forming or arranging the parts of a compound or complex body in suitable manner for use or service; the act of distributing into suitable divisions and appointing the proper officers as an army or a government.  In the confines of this definition there will be no banner that flies over Transformation Michigan.

Nameless and faceless people are arising that will give it a life of its own across our state.  They will come together with many known and prominent individuals who had this same “seed of vision” previously cast within their hearts. Transformation Michigan is a Para-Church Ministry supporting the local church.

The purpose of Transformation Michigan is to operate with Christ as the head.  Each part of the body of Christ must maintain its autonomy and co-labor together within its specific design and purpose.  The authority given by God to each church, individual, or state prayer or focus group in the body of Christ is not to be supplanted in the various counties we live in.

Let the thumb function as a thumb and let the arm function as the arm.  We all need to be under the authority of the functioning part we exist in but not make others become the part where we are called to fulfill His purposes.  Christ is the head.  Love will be the lubrication for the joints of the body to make this a reality.  Love covers the multitude of sins and we must let go of the past and release people as God specializes in failures and restores people.

What is the format of Transformation Michigan regional gatherings?

The format is a marriage of praise, prayer and worship.  A 3 Fold Cord of praise and worship will come together with pro-active delegated prayer.  Music and song at times can be divisive in the body of Christ.  We are different but must humble ourselves and pay deference to one another.  So the format will include three different praise/worship formats. 

The gathering will move from hymns to contemporary and into spontaneous new song.  Each stage will be defined where people will be comfortable and at ease and be able to respectfully leave at any time.  This gathering is not a form of entertainment or a concert but will be a continuous flow of prayer and praise unto the most high God. The body of Christ will cross pollinate within this 3 Fold Cord of prayer, praise and worship.

What is pro-active delegated prayer?

There are many issues to pray for.  Some people identify with particular areas more than others.  There are people who have focused heart issues and a calling to pray for our state and our nation in a specific area.  Others have other prayer burden areas which may be the youth, the courts, the coming elections, issues such as abortion and marriage, Israel as well as a host of prayer targets.

They are equally important but God will bring to the surface a unified prayer thrust for a season of time for the whole body of Christ to target simultaneously in agreement and one accord. Those who have a burden to pray for a particular area will be called forward to agree with people in the congregation with that prayer petition brought forth.  Praise and worship from God’s people will bring additional life to the prayers.  Cohesiveness and unity in prayer of the body of Christ will bring a commanded blessing [Psalm 133].

What is meant by gatherings moving regionally across the state and why?

It is thought at this time that meetings will occur 4-6 times a year.  Distance is a factor for some      people to attend.  Providing an accessible venue will energize the prayer movement across our state. This in turn fuels the furnace for 24/7 day and night prayer where churches and prayer groups can enter in and be part of a larger statewide picture.  This will re-vitalize the praying people across our state.

Who will take charge and organize the gathering in any particular region?

God has delegated local, regional and state authorities to bring forth what is necessary in any given region.  This responsibility embodies the whole body of Christ. The obvious challenge is to have an attitude of humility and work together as one. Co-laboring together versus control and ruling over must be overcome by God’s grace.

There is safety in the multitude of counselors and each region across denominational streams can provide adequate input.  God has hidden and known leadership in each region as well as in our state already.  The Holy Spirit will prompt those in that particular season of time and they will arise with great wisdom.

I have the same “seed of vision” in my heart – are you reinventing the wheel?

The answer is no.  We are in a season of multiplied vision and favor where nameless and faceless       people are arising across our state.  Many individuals and focus groups in Michigan have attempted and are already bringing forth a part of what is being described above.  Others have tried and have become discouraged.  This is not to be a competition.

Connecting the “seeds of vision” across our state will enlarge the tent pegs and connect 83 counties in a new way which possibly could be referred to as a new wine skin.  Connecting the seeds of vision will invigorate those who have felt that they have failed. They will now be networked with a greater body of Christ in our state.  A new hope will arise and prayer at the grassroots will be energized. 

There is not to be competition, but instead cooperation.  The north, south, east and west is now coming together in Michigan in a new fresh way.

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