Borders/Rule of Law and Law Enforcement

Police Protector more lightShould our borders be secured, law enforcement be honored, and rule-of-law upheld?


Yes! We Agree America!


Law enforcement faces many challenges. Our borders are open allowing drugs, gang Cartels and terrorists into our nation’s cities!


Many do not realize what our law enforcement officers face each day. There has never been an increased level of violence in our nation as today.  We do not understand the threats they face each day so may we hear the opinions of various law enforcement officers.


When speaking about our borders that is a very hot topic today. We need to hear from those in the field regarding this issue. Look at the various topics and videos below to understand what law enforcement face each day. May we begin to see as they see.

“Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” (Ecclesiastes 8:11)

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

Thomas Jefferson



  1. FAQ’S OF OFFICERS IN THE FIELD – (Video Defending Local Police)


  1. FAQ’S OF OFFICERS IN THE FIELD– Video Defending Local Police

*Sheriff David Clarke from Wisconsin on defending local police:



D/Sgt. Larry D. Rothman


  1. What do police officers face in the field today?


To answer this question with one word would be evil. I have just about 17 years in the State Police and never in the 17 years have I felt such an evil element rising against Law Enforcement.  When I first started in Law Enforcement we knew who we were dealing with.  Our focus was with people who break the law and victimize the innocent.  We held an honorable position and were looked at favorably by both citizens and our government.


This is no longer the case however. There is an element in our government and society as a whole who feel it is necessary to demonize Law Enforcement. In our zeal to defend the constitution, hold people accountable for their actions and protect the innocent we have become of enemy.


In many cases we have to do our jobs with our hands tied behind our backs and always in fear of possible litigation. Our government no longer supports the thought of holding people accountable for their actions. Today’s police officer is being attacked by the very people who say they support the rule of law.


  1. Why is it important to respect law enforcement?


It is not really a matter of respecting Law Enforcement it is a matter of respecting the Rule of Law which police officers are sworn to uphold. As a Christian I feel that our laws originate from our creator. They have been passed down throughout the ages and were designed to protect the innocent and they are the very glue that holds a civilized society together. When a society, a government, or a single person no longer respects the rule of law then in my opinion they no longer respect our creator and his creation.


  1. Do you see open borders as a threat to our nation’s security?


Of course!! That is a no brainer however this is not my major concern. My concern is this. Again as a Christen I feel we are called to take the gospel throughout all the nations. As we all know several of the Middle Eastern Countries are very hostile towards the Gospel. If we are unwilling or unable to spread the gospel in those nations maybe just maybe God can use “open borders” to spread the Gospel when they arrive here.


That being said the issue is that our own government is also hostile towards spreading the Gospel! We have allowed the courts and our own government to label Christianity as some kind of hate group and limit our ability to exercise our constitutional right to practice our “religion”. If our government allowed Christians to be Christians, and churches to be churches we could use “open borders” as a way of evangelizing them for Christ but “open borders” the way we see it now will only further erode the very fabric of our Nation.


  1. Final Thoughts:


I have to say that I actually mourn for my children and for our nation. They are growing up in a society that has demonized their own father. As a white man I am somehow responsible for the racism that exists not only today but since the beginning of time, as a police officer I am responsible for every act of violence that occurs because I did nothing to stop it. I am demonized because I actually hold people accountable for their actions and sometimes things go bad. I am also responsible and demonized every time a black male is killed by a white police officer and it does not matter if it is justified or not. And last I am vilified because I am a Christian. Because I believe that there are such things as right and wrong. I am told that because I don’t support certain lifestyles I am a bigot and must hate everyone.


The only thing I can say is when I get up every morning and go into work. I understand my fight is not against flesh and blood but evil itself. And as a Michigan State Trooper I have sworn to support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the Great State of Michigan to the best of my ability. I have sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the public’s safety as well as obey all the rules and regulations and carry out all orders lawfully given to me.


To me I choose to be color blind, I also choose to be blind to hatred and bigotry. To me every life is created by God and I will do whatever is necessary to protect it. That includes putting my own life on the line for yours. It does not matter if your black, white, gay, straight or whatever. For me and my job and for me and my house I will serve the Lord and in doing so I will be fulfilling my sworn oath as a Michigan State Trooper.  Tpr. Matt Warzywak   Michigan Department of State Police


  1. What do police officers face in the field today?


I have been a police officer for just over eleven years and within those eleven years I have noted significant changes to the environment in which we conduct our job.  If one doesn’t want to take my word for it they can just research statistics which point to an increase in violence toward police personnel.  First and foremost a police officer has many similarities related to the citizens they serve yet they have chosen a profession that has given them authority to effectuate the laws of the land.  If one looks throughout history it has been established that laws and perceived morality must dedicate a select number to ensure that society as a whole comes into compliance.  A nation, country, and state will ultimately fail if the laws of the land aren’t upheld and a people will be left desolate by corruption. I’m not naïve to the fact that the “police state” in the past has overstepped their bounds yet we now live in a world that is probably more just and fair to its citizens than ever before in the history of all mankind.  I am a police officer that has taken an oath to uphold the laws of the land and to ensure that I do this without bias or prejudice toward those I serve.


The question still remains what do police officer’s face in the field today?  I would like to remind one that the perception of police is influenced by many variables.  What if the variable you are gauging or measuring is skewed?  We all have experienced pain, mishap and misfortune in life but how we react and handle these situations will predicate the future.   I have encountered many citizens that have shown me disrespect yet I realize they believe in a past experience either passed down generationally or personally experienced.  The lie is if one has offended or treated me or my forefathers poorly then all are equal in nature.  This is not true and can be disproven very easily.  I would ask one to apply that reasoning to everything and you will quickly learn that “you” are the problem not the circumstance.


The “police” today are vigilant yet tired and feeling betrayed by the people they have vowed to protect through serving.  I have learned that many will have an opinion yet few will ever walk in your shoes.  Take a moment and put yourself in the shoes of your local “policeman”.  I leave you with questions that will hopefully give you perspective on the issue of what police officer’s face today.  Ask yourself, could you put on a bullet proof vest every day before starting work?   Do you like confrontation… because as a police officer it will find you!  Have you considered running toward danger and calamity as opposed to running from it?  Maybe you’re just comfortable where you’re at and can only point a finger at what you know nothing about.   My fellow police officers are in the most dangerous environment they have ever encountered.


  1. Why is it important to respect law enforcement?


I would like you to journey with me to the years when one was young.  As a child respect was vested into me by my parents.  If you weren’t so lucky to have good parents that taught you respect, you don’t have to look too far to relate.  On a daily basis one goes through life whether predicated by past experience or merely learned by happenstance.  The word “respect” ultimately is implying you value the existence of someone or something.    A child will learn respect primarily from his parents but in many instances the parents fail to convey respect to their children given their own shortcomings.   If a parent doesn’t teach respect then one will grow and learn that respect can be interpreted in many different ways.


We are governed by laws seen and unseen, to which we individually decide how much we value them.  The Law of Gravity isn’t something one can necessarily see yet respect is given to it since jumping off a building would cause much pain.  The laws that have been established by the courts and legislature must be carried out for the good of the people.  I know and have experienced disrespect while working in the profession of Law Enforcement.  The reason it’s important to respect law enforcement is because they are enforcing the laws which the majority of society has deemed necessary to ensure order.  If respect is lost and society doesn’t support those who enforce the laws then that system will eventually fail.


  1. Do you see open borders as a threat to our nation’s security?


In order to address the question of whether I see open borders as a threat to our nation’s security lets visit pure simplistic reasoning.  Let’s say I’m a father who has a beautiful wife and two children.  I live in the country and suddenly a stranger knocks on my door in the middle of the night.  I open the door and there stands a weathered man seeking habitation.  I respond by inviting him in and giving him residence.  Ok, let’s stop there… how many of you would allow a complete stranger into your house?   Would you let him sleep in the room next to your children?  I think not but I have to argue that is exactly what we are doing.


We have to secure our nation’s borders as our “children” are in jeopardy!  If we expand on this reasoning let’s explore if the White House would allow just anybody to walk through the front door and stay in the presidential suite.  I think not, the fact we haven’t secured our borders is absolutely absurd and is contrary to our future existence.  The fact of the matter is that there are not enough Law Enforcement personnel or programs in place to allow for the proper vetting to take place.  The only logical solution is to close the border until we know who is coming into our “home”.    Retired Police Lieutenant Southeast Michigan


  1. What do police officers face in the field today?

I am retired, but police officer’s working in the “field” today face things worse than I did when I worked “the road.” Today, they have less respect than we did.  Many (not all) of the citizens they took an oath to “protect and serve” do not want them doing what they swore to do.  I know that the “silent majority” who are the “victims” of the crimes do, but they let the radical, left wing, voices (out of fear) speak for them.  This left wing even makes heroes of the criminals & murders when they are finally stopped by the law enforcement community!


They are always playing the race card, but now it is combined with the political.  Now it is PC.

It is no longer “right vs wrong, good vs bad, innocent citizen vs violent criminal”.

It is apparent that our leaders in Washington as well as most larger cities who are ran by a specific political party deliberately want to keep the racial tension.


  1. Why is it important to respect law enforcement?

This is a moot point.   Parents, teachers and anyone in authority are no longer given respect.

Our current society shows what has happened, when they are no longer respected.


  1. Do you see open borders as a threat to our nation’s security?

YES, our leaders already have much information on the number of criminals, especially terrorists’ that have already crossed into America.   And they cross “daily” from what I have heard.   Only a fool does not see this.  County Police Officer South East MI


What do police officers face in the field today?

Many police officers in the larger cities feel that lawlessness has been released upon this nation by a government that refuses to uphold the laws of our nation and the basic precepts of our constitution. Race relations have been dramatically eroded because of the practice of race bating. The mainstream media chooses to blame this dramatic increase entirely on police officers. When they are complicit in fueling this increasing problem just to gain ratings, or to push a political agenda.

In the current political climate, the trust between police officers and civil leaders has been damaged. The bond between the police and the public has eroded, which has an inevitable effect on police behavior.  Many officers have chosen to disengage and police less aggressively. Personal and professional risks of aggressive policing are now viewed as unacceptable. This in turn results in higher crime rates, because criminals no longer feel the threat of arrest. Because of the political climate many officers are now required to wear body cameras which are used analyze every split second decision. Many have chosen to use their allowable discretion to limit exposure to potentially volatile situations because of threat of being prosecuted for their actions.

Officers across the nation feel they no longer have the support of their civic leaders or the public, and in some cases, are being targeted by them. Just this year we have seen, how sanctuary cities protect the lawless, and our president releasing violent convicted illegals back into our streets. Because of this, moral in police departments is at an all- time low. Many departments are now struggling to find enough applicants to fill the vacant positions. This leaves the current police force understaffed and magnify s the problems that most police officers face in this stressful work environment day after day.

Now more than ever our police officers need our diligent prayers and support. They are the front line defenders of our constitution and laws of our land. Romans chapter 13 refers to them as ministers of Gods Justice. Without them our nation would soon be in peril.


Why is it important to respect law enforcement?

The respect for authority is tantamount for society to function. Police officers are sworn to uphold the constitution and represent authority of our judicial system and the laws of our nation. The basis of our laws are derived from Gods law, the Ten Commandments. Without respect for authority given to law enforcement, people would become a law unto themselves. Chaos would soon rule the cities, and our democracy would collapse into military rule. It is also important to note that Integrity of the office is of the up most importance. Corruption within the law enforcement causes mistrust among the people. This inevitably erodes the confidence and respect for law enforcement and the relationship that is necessary for it to function as designed by our constitution.

Do you see open borders as a threat to our nation?

Open borders are one of the biggest threats to our nation’s security, sovereignty, and financial health. We have all witnessed the video footage of people streaming across our southern borders and no one is stopping them. Border patrol officers have been given the orders to stand down, or in other words, do not enforce the laws of our land. The main responsibility of our government under the constitution is to provide for the common defense, and promote the general welfare. This is willful act of opening up our borders to a foreign invasion, not illegal immigration. We have no idea who most of these people are entering our country. Many who have been caught have been identified as members of ISIS, AL Qaeda, and violent Latino street gangs. Those who walk through unopposed, fade into the cities of our nation and are free to carry out their plans of destruction. The FBI has said it has about 900 active ISIS investigations in all 50 states but never given an estimate of how big the contingent of ISIS sympathizers may be in the U.S.

Illegal alien migration into the United States Cost’s American taxpayers $346 billion annually reported by the National Research Council. The border cities have been overwhelmed, sanctuary cities have been established to accommodate the masses. Law enforcement are told they do not have the authority to arrest. Most who come are in great need and require years of government support and education in order to function in society. Social services agencies and local governments are financially depleted attempting to care for the needs of the illegal immigrants. When you consider our staggering national debt many would agree this is a threat to the sovereignty of this nation.


“The role of Law Enforcement in America is to protect and ensure the Constitutional (God-given) rights of American citizens, not to serve as the strong-arm of those in government who may stray from these fundamental principles. Their duty is achieved, in part, through honoring their oath of office, by acting with unwavering integrity and through ensuring accountability in accordance with our Founder’s Original Intent. It is clear that our Constitutional rights come from God [Our Creator], were recorded by Our Founders and remain cemented in freedom’s principles. Our rights are not tools for politicians’ or their political appointees’ to barter with or trade away based on popular opinion or other erroneous ideologies Sheriff Mike Raines, Eaton County, Michigan – (37 years experience ret.)



“The intended role of Homeland Security is to ensure the sovereignty of our nation, while protecting our borders and the public safety of our citizens through the prevention of illegal entry of persons, contraband, drugs and weapons. These officials take a solemn oath to protect and defend the people of”  Laurie L. Raines, Former Homeland Security Ex. Grant Coordinator / Michigan State Police

“The deputy sheriff plays the critical role of keeping the peace and protecting ALL American citizens in his or her jurisdiction.  Under the supervision of the highest law enforcement agent in his county, the elected county sheriff.  Under this jurisdiction he or she is sworn to be of good character and of the highest moral standards.  He or she has the obligation to enforce federal laws, State laws, and county ordinances.  Pastor Paul Ciucci, former Deputy Sheriff, Fire Fighter, EMT Specialist



Is the U.S. Constitution being followed today or is there a usurpation and stripping of the powers given to states and local sheriffs.–piaI

Sheriff Mack founder of the CSPOA speaks in Washington D.C. at the “Lighting the Lamp of Liberty” Meet The Press event. He thanks all for the great work they are doing to defend the constitution. Richard Mack talks about the individuals he met at the Bundy Ranch and about his new book “Are You A David”. He asks the audience are you a David, and for other sheriffs to stand up against out of control acts of rogue government individuals. Mack says every single time sheriff’s stand up against federal intrusion.



Securing our borders is of highest priority today. There are reasons that they must be secured. The question that comes to mind is whether we can remain to be a compassionate people but yet secure our borders. There is a rule of law in our nation and we must follow it from a Biblical world view.

  1. Sheriff Scott Jones has recorded a video message to President Obama… asking for immediate immigration reform. In the aftermath of the recent murders of Sacramento Sheriff Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff Detective Michael Davis Jr., by a suspect found to have been in our Country illegally and removed four different times, Sheriff Jones initiates a national conversation for the need of immediate action by the federal Government.


  1. Foreigners and the Syrian Refugee Crisis – a Biblical World view.

  1. We must Love our enemies! The below link is from Rick Joyner


  1. The Border Crisis – The Real Impact of Illegal Immigration!


This is a tremendous video for Americans that believe in sovereignty. This video is a great educational tool. Remember this when you go to the polls in November!

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