We are a nation at risk facing many challenges. Will our children have a future?


Polls show we have a nation that still maintains a foundational Christian base. This is eroding quickly and we must now become personally engaged. 

We are a nation at risk facing many challenges. Will our children have a future? The future of our nation hangs in the balance and we must take responsibility to engage our culture . We must educate ourselves to the threats our nation faces (See Below) and provide solutions or action plans so we can maintain the freedoms we so much appreciate.

Study the various topical areas below as this site will be growing and expanding. State and National leaders have contributed to the content. We are hoping for you to take action and distribute these brochures. Contact me at rw247365@gmail,com and we gladly send you what you need!  Pass them out everywhere you go and leave them in places where people can pick them up. What about every family in your church or group you meet with. .

We plan to develop a similar brochure designed for university campuses for massive distribution. If you would like to donate any finances into this effort go to this link and you  can use our Pay Pal account for a tax deductible contribution –  http://transformmi.com/donate. Everyone can help!

POINT TO PONDER: “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.”  General George Patton



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Freedom of Religion – Rights/Liberties

Government and Constitution

Vote Biblically

Civil Righteousness in Society

Financial Structure and Debt

Socialism/Progressive Destroying Liberty

Education – Impacting Generations

All Lives Matter/Honoring Life

Marriage = Man + Woman

Borders/Rule of Law and Law Enforcement

Support Israel

Understanding Radical Islam/Shariah Law

Prayer Our Only Hope


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